At Kalibata City Apartment

At Kalibata City Apartment – See on Path.

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[91.05.22] Happy Birthday Kim Joonmyun

 I want to to give you my best wishes on your birthday thank you for sharing a year of your life with us. Wherever you maybe be and with whomever I want you to get showered with the love that you deserve.  Please feel the undying love that we all hold towards you not only today on your special day but also in the future as you go on forward in life. Know that even though some of us may not be able to physically be with you we are with you in spirit cheering for you and worrying about you.  Thank you so much for being who you are and sharing a part of yourself with us.  Thank you for being a strong, charming and kind leader.  Thank you for being you. I hope in the future you give us more of your breath taking smiles,  bless us with your angelic voice, expressive faces and throw our way a potato heart or two. Please look after yourself and always be healthy.  Have a wonderful birthday I love you!

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Underworld. #landscape #blue #sea (di Sentosa Island)
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di Sentosa Island
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